Débora Imhoff

febrero 27, 2013 en Group Members por psicologiapolitica


Ph.D in Psychology with the project: “Quasi-experimental study on the influence of political socialization experiences on psycho-social and psycho-political variables in children of Cordoba”. (Director: Silvina Brussino, Ph.D). Bachelor in Psychology (National University of Cordoba). Scholarship holder for Ph.D studies (Beca Interna de Posgrado Tipo II), National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET).  Assistant Professor of Cultural, Contemporary and Latin American Anthropology, Faculty of Psychology (UNC). Assistant Professor of “Current Developments in Argentinean Political Psychology” (Psychology Faculty, National University of Córdoba). Member of the Formation, Research and Statistics Office, Argentinean Workers Union (Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina, CTA). Founding Member of the Iberian-Latin American Political psychology Association and Iberian-Latin American Political psychology Network.
Areas of Interest: justification of social inequalities,political socialization, social values, individual and collective political participation, environmental citizenship, socio- environmental movements, political ideology, among others.
E-mail: dimhoff@psyche.unc.edu.ar