Edgardo D. Etchezahar

febrero 27, 2013 en Group Members por psicologiapolitica



Bachelor in Psychology (National University of Buenos Aires – UBA). Master in Cognitive Psychology and Learning (FLACSO – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). Ph.D applicant (National University of Buenos Aires) with the Project: “personality traits associate to authoritarianism and its relationship with political ideology” (Director: Silvina Brussino, Ph.D). Professor of Political Psychology (Psychology Faculty – National University of Buenos Aires). Scholarship holder for Ph.D studies (Beca Interna de Posgrado Tipo II), National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET).

Areas of Interest: authoritarianism, ideology, prejudice, intergroup relations.

E-mail: edgardoetchezahar@psi.uba.ar