Matías Dreizik

febrero 27, 2013 en Group Members por psicologiapolitica


Bachelor in Psychology (Psychology Faculty, National University of Córdoba). Ph.D. applicant in Latin American Social Studies (Advanced Studies Centre – National University of Cordoba) with the project: Social and Political Identity Analysis of AMMAR (Argentine Association of Meretrices Woman – Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de Argentina) Córdoba and AMMAR Buenos Aires. Scholarship holder for PhD studies (Secretary of Science and Technology, SeCyT – National University of Cordoba). Assistant Professor of “Current Developments in Argentinean Political Psychology (Psychology Faculty, National University of Córdoba). Students’ Secretary at the Ibero Latin American Political Psychology Association. Vice-President of the Institute of Labor Health and Environment (Instituto de Salud Laboral y Medioambiente – ISLyMA). Secretary of the Formation, Research and Statistics Committee at the Argentinean Workers Union (Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina, CTA) Ex Secretary of Students’ Issues Office (UNC. 2007-2010).

Areas of Interest: social movements, social identity, sexual work.