Silvina Brussino

febrero 27, 2013 en Group Members por psicologiapolitica


Ph.D in Psychology (National University of Cordoba –UNC-, Argentina). Member of the Scientific and Technological Researcher Career at CONICET (Independent Researcher), National Ministry of Science and Technology. Researcher and Professor of National Universities, Category I, National Ministry of Education. Director of the Psychology Ph.D. Career, National University of Córdoba (2015-2018). Director of the Mastery Career of Research Methodology in Behavioral Sciences, UNC (2015-2018). Member of the board of directors in CIECS-CONICET (2015-2019) and the Honorable Board of Directors of the Faculty of Psychology (2014-2016; 2016-2018). Head professor of Social Psychology, Social Communication Faculty (National University of Córdoba). Head Professor of the elective seminary of Political Psychology, Faculty of Psychology (UNC). Member of the Academic Committee of the Psychology Ph.D Career (UNC) (2008-2014; 2017-2018). General Secretary of the Iberian-Latin American Association of Political Psychology. (AILPP) (2012-2016). Temporary secretary at Ibero-Latin American Network of Political Psychology (2011-2012). Postgraduate Secretary, Psychology Faculty (UNC) (2003-2004). Ex-President of the Behavioral Science Association of Argentina (2001-2003), which belongs to the International Union of Psychological Science. She taught postgraduate courses at several national and Latin-American universities. Consultant evaluator of several Science and Technology Agencies in Argentina and Latin-America. Member of the Scientific Committee at several Argentinian and Latin-American scientific journals.

Areas of Interest: political behavior; political ideology, emotions and politics; cognitive sophistication, information processing, political decision-making, political socialization, citizenship, among others.