Javier Sánchez Rosas, Silvana Esquivel y Mariana Cara, publicaron el trabajo titulado «The Teacher Behaviors Inventory: Internal Structure, Reliability, and Criterion Relations with Boredom, Enjoyment, Task Value, SelfEfficacy and Attention» en International Journal of Psycho-Educational Sciences.


Javier Sánchez Rosas, Silvana Esquivel y Mariana Cara


The assessment of the psychometric properties of Teacher Behaviors Inventory (Murray, 1983) was conducted to a sample of university students (N = 772) from Argentina. Evidence was provided of the instrument’s internal structure applying exploratory factor analysis. Internal consistency was assessed by Cronbach α’s coefficient. Evidence for the validity testcriterion through bivariate correlations and multiple regressions with the variables boredom, enjoyment, task value, self-efficacy and attention was provided. A final version of the instrument was demonstrated, it consists of 36 items, divided into six factors. The reliability of the instrument presented satisfactory results for all scales (α = .65 and between α = .84). The factor illustration / interaction has a higher predictive value for the criterion variables, the remaining factors had significantly lower results than expected and do not coincide in all cases with the results of the bivariate correlations. Its psychometric properties show acceptable levels of reliability and internal structure, which means that measurements of inventory in the local environment are valid and reliable for assessing teachers’ behaviors. In addition, significant data on how teachers’ behaviors in the classroom influence students’ emotions (boredom and enjoyment), task value, self-efficacy and care were provided.

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