Javier Sánchez Rosas y Luis Furlan publicaron recientemente un artículo titulado “Achievement emotions and achievement goals in support of the convergent, divergent and criterion validity of the Spanish-Cognitive Test Anxiety Scale” en International Journal of Educational Psychology.



Based on the control-value theory of achievement emotions and theory of achievement goals, this research provides evidence of convergent, divergent, and criterion validity of the Spanish Cognitive Test Anxiety Scale (S-CTAS). A sample of Argentinean undergraduates responded several scales administered at three points. At time 1 and 3, the sample informed their adoption of mastery and performance goals. At time 2, they responded to the S-CTAS and informed about their anxiety and shame in class, and their enjoyment, hopelessness, shame, and anxiety experienced in exam. Results demonstrated the convergent and divergent validity of the S-CTAS by correlating with other class and test emotions scales measuring outcome and activity-emotions. Furthermore, the findings verified the criterion validity of the S-CTAS by estimating the predictive influence of achievement goals on cognitive test anxiety and other emotions, and in turn the effects of cognitive test anxiety and these emotions on achievement goals.

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